And, what about the computer?

Do you rely totally on your Computer?

What if it is out of order? What do you do then? In the case of a virus, a power supply shortage or simply a problem with your C.P.U. or screen? ... then you send home your customer, your patient, your supplier? Or do you have a „Plan B“, an emergency solution?

The most important information about your patient, customer or supplier should be available even when your computer system is down. Our Filing System, GIRATOR.NET, is the perfect complement for your computer. It needs little space and it helps you maintain perfect order in your files. And it works without electric energy.

What is the appearance of your Filing System now?

Have you noticed the appearance of your files lately? It is not very aesthetically pleasing, is it?

And all this is perfectly visible for your customers, patients and suppliers: Old warped drawers, damaged by weight and the years, everyone with a different appearance because every extension brought a new, different model. Metallic racks, more suitable for a warehouse than an office ...

The GIRATOR.NET Filing System with its modern design, the aesthetic aspect of the furniture and the folders, will give your office a new and better image.

Searching for the lost time

Have you also lost once (or many times) a lot of time searching for a lost or misplaced folder?

And precisely when your customer or patient was expecting an immediate answer ...It’s not just the time loss that bothers us, worse still is the bad impression that we give to our patient or customer.

 The GIRATOR.NET Filing System helps you, in that your customers, patients and suppliers can see you as an efficient and well organized professional. Thanks to the easy optic system for searching and filing, you will find any misplaced folder in seconds. With that you can correct mistakes BEFORE they cause time loss and a bad impression.

 Your Filing System needs to grow

Companies and their files are normally growing.

You start with a rack or some drawers. Just a few months later you need to expand your files. So you put another rack or other drawers close to the first ones. If there is space, of course. And the square metre prices in offices aren’t low. And all this for something “unproductive” such as files ...

The GIRATOR.NET Filing System is formed by modules, for you this means that it can be expanded at any moment (up to the maximum height of 6 modules).The best thing is that the expansion does not need more surface area. The expansion is just in height. You can duplicate or even triplicate your filing system, using exactly the same surface area as before.

 What if the problem is not having enough space?

Your current filing system needs a lot of space.

In the worst case you had to close a balcony (with all the costs involved), or you needed to use part of the bathroom for additional filing furniture, etc. Or,  your files invade “noble zones”  in full view of your customers or patients ....

With the GIRATOR.NET Filing System you can save between 40 and 60 % of the surface area of your actual filing furniture. Imagine that every 5-module-Girator-Net-Filing System stores about 10 metres of linear files. The surface area needed fot it ist just 0,64 m2. This means that you can make a better use of the saved space: another working space, a dignified waiting-room, etc.


Major productivity, major efficiency

An important customer is calling you. He needs a precise and urgent answer.

But he will have to wait, because you need to consult his file. In other  words: you need to stand up, go to the filing-room, search for the file, open it, search for the required document, go back to your office ..The GIRATOR.NET Filing System allows you a more efficient approach, you can even have it just beside your office desk (or the office desk of your secretary).This way you have all the important files on hand. You just need to revolve the module, take out the corresponding file, open it and find the rquired document. Your customer will be pleased: he doesn’t lose money nor time. That’s called good customer service.

 Take our specialist at his word!


At last you have got your GIRATOR.NET Filing System.

Customer files, Patient files, Supplier files, all on hand. You even have a file for your correspondence with the tax-authority.The question is: how can I quickly find the document I need right now?

Our consultant will give you the training for the efficient use of the GIRATOR.NET Filing System. He shows you how to best use the selfadhesive colour tabs.He will assist you in the best identification-system for your files: numerical, alpha-numerical, alphabetical ...Our consultant is not a furniture salesman. He is a trained Filing-specialist and he will help you organize your files efficiently.And he will be at your service for help and information even AFTER the purchase.